Clip / Pin / Magnet

Penguin Triangular Paper Clip 25 mm (3 boxes / pack)

Penguin paper clip 31 mm (10 boxes / box)

Penguin Paper clip 25 mm (10 bxs / box)

Penguin jumbo gem paper clips 78 mm

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Penguin jumbo gem paper clips 50 mm

Square thumb tacks (10 bxs/box)

Bulldog Clip 3 inch 20pcs

metal badge clip (10 pcs/pck)

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Binder clips 19mm/double clip (12pcs/box)

Binder clips 32mm/double clip (12pcs/box)

Binder clips 41 mm/double clip (12 pcs/box)

Binder clips 25mm / double clips (12 pcs / box)

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Magnet Button 40mm ( 4pcs/card )

Magnet strip (3 pcs/pck)

Key Tag (50 pcs / box)

plastic badge clip (3 pcs/pck)

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Key Tag (20 pcs / box)

Key Tag (10 pcs / box)

Thumb Tack 3 small boxes

Magnetic sheet A4 size

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Magnet Button 30mm (5pcs/card)

Magnet Button 20mm (8pcs/ Card)

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