Knife / Cutter

SDI Cutter Knife (S)

SDI 5pcs 18mm Cutter Knife Blades

SDI 5pcs 9mm Cutter Knife Blades

SDI Cutter Knife (L)

RM 1.45Add to CartRM 2.90Add to CartRM 1.30Add to CartRM 2.90Out of Stock

6" ShiF Stainless Steel Scissor

13cm ShiF Stainless Steel Scissor

Pencil Knife (1pc)

5Ħħ ShiF Stainless Steel Scissor (1 pc)

RM 1.20Add to CartRM 1.20Add to CartRM 0.30Add to CartRM 0.75Add to Cart

4" ShiF Stainless Steel Scissor(1 pc)

4" ShiF Stainless Steel Scissor(1 pc)

Katenai Utility Knife, Knife Cutter 18 mm, Blades [Small Size] (1 pcs)

Handy Scissor 4 inch / Economic Scissors 4" 1pc

RM 0.55Add to CartRM 1.80Add to CartRM 0.90Add to CartRM 1.00Add to Cart

6.5" Stainless Steel Scissor (1 pc)

6" Stainless Steel Scissor (1 pc)

Oule Utility Knife Blades 18mm (1pc)

Stainless Steel Scissor 6 inches / Economic Scissors 6" (1 pc)

RM 1.90Add to CartRM 1.60Add to CartRM 3.57Add to CartRM 1.40Add to Cart

Styrofoam Cutter / Polystyrene Cutter

DingLi Scissor 6.5 inch

DingLi Scissor 5.5 inch

A4 Paper Cutter 1 pc

RM 7.80Add to CartRM 2.20Add to CartRM 2.00Add to CartRM 32.00Add to Cart

A3 Paper Cutter 1 pc

RM 68.00Add to Cart   

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