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F4 Size Velcro File (Horizontal) / Expandable Velcro File (Horizontal) 1 pc

A4 Size Velcro File (Horizontal) / Expandable Velcro File (Horizontal) 1 pc

A4 Size Velcro File (Vertical) / Expandable Velcro File (Vertical) 1 pc

Transparent A4 Size Management File / Visual File with Front Pocket Cover / Transparent Folder + Poc

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Akar A4 Size Rigid Sheet (100 sheets)

APLUS A4 Size Laminating Film (100 sheets)

A4 Size 11 Holes Sheet Protector (10'S)

A4 Card Case

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A3 Card Case

Niso A4 Laminating film 100 sheets

B5 size Hard Cloth Cover Refillable Notebook (1 pcs)

B5 Size Document Keeper/ Document Holder/ Refillable Clear Holder [10 Sheets] 1 pc

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A4 Size L Shape Holder File, Fancy Folder (Bunny Field Design) 1 pcs

Tube File/ Post Lock File/ Ring File 85mm (1pcs)

A4 PP Flip File (Horizontal)

A4 PP Flip File (Vertical) VC5900

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A4 Holder File (L Shape) (1 pc) VC8806

AKAR A3 Super Thick Sheet Protector (10's/pack) VC400

A3 protector sheet (51 pck/set)

A4 Rigid Sheet (100 sheets) AKAR VC018

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Magazine holder 4 layers HC-4318

A3 L Shape Colour Folder (12 pcs) E310A3

CD Refill / CD Pocket (100's / pack)

F4 Envelope File -1 pc- VC035

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