Filling paper product

File Fastener / File Clipper / File Stopper / File Binder / Binder Clip (10 pcs/ pack)

Treasury Tag / Green Tag / Tali Hijau 5T

Card Ring 75 mm (15 pcs)

Card Ring 63 mm (30 pcs)

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Card Ring 50 mm (40 pcs)

Card Ring 40 mm (60 pcs)

Card Ring 35 mm (100 pcs)

Card Ring 25 mm (150 pcs)

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Card Ring 20 mm (300 pcs)

Flat File Clip / Paper Fastener (10 pcs / pack) VC2020-1

16mm 2 O-Ring (10 pcs/lot)

Metal Spring clip, Metal paper fastener (12pcs/pck)

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Card Ring 75mm -10pcs

Card Ring 63mm -10pcs

Card ring 50mm (50 pcs/box)

Card ring 40mm (100 pcs/box)

RM 11.00Out of StockRM 7.00Add to CartRM 23.00Out of StockRM 36.00Out of Stock

Card ring 25mm (100 pcs/box)

Card ring 35mm (100 pcs/box)

Card ring 20mm (100 pcs/box)

Metal Spring clip, Metal paper fastener (12 pcs/pck)

RM 25.00Out of StockRM 30.00Out of StockRM 22.00Out of StockRM 12.95Add to Cart

Long thumb tack S206 (20 boxes/box)

Flat File Clip/ Paper Fastener (50 pcs/unit)

RM 12.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to Cart  

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