Filing Product

AKAR 3 Inches 75 mm 2 Ring Arch File (24 pcs / carton)

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30 holes Refillable Clear Book 20 Pockets

Clear Holder A4 40 Pockets

A4 Size Clear Book 20's Pockets / 20's Clear Holder

20's Pockets A4 Size Clear Book / 20's Clear Holder / Shade Solid Series

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A3 Artist Wooden Wire Clipboard -1 pc- with handle & rubber

Bill Holder / Receipt Holder / Menu Holder - 48k (A6 size) Wooden Wire Clipboard -1 pc

A4 Size Wire Clipboard PVC 225mm x 313mm (1 pc)

A5 Wooden Wire Clip Board -1 pc-

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AKAR PP Document Case A4 Size VC9990

Niso A4 Size 55mm Document Case With Handle 8150

Document Box A4 Size -1 pc- B-21(Single)

35 mm Document Case Niso -DC8140-

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Expandable Button File A4 / Expandable Folder (Vertical)

Expanding File 12 Pockets / A4 Expandable File Folder Ice Colour 12 Pockets

A4 12's Pocket Expanding File without Handle / Expandable 12 Pockets File Folder String to lock

Akar Expanding File 12 Pockets with Handle / Expandable File Folder + Handle

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Sliding File / Sloter File (5 pcs / pack) Mix 5 Colour

Transparent A4 Size Management File / Visual File with Front Pocket Cover / Transparent Folder + Poc

A4 Card Case

A3 Card Case

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AKAR A4 Laminating film 20 sheets series

Niso A4 Laminating film 100 sheets

Laminating film 65mm x 95mm

AKAR A4 Laminating Film

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Magnificent Lever & lever File

Magnificent Lever & Clip File

Magnificent Lever File

AKAR PP A4 Size Lever and Clip Files (1 pc) VC8848

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AKAR A4 PP Management File (1pc)

Visual File (Col) / Management File / Folder File / Colour Folder + Pocket (1 pc)

A4 Management File 12pcs/set VC3807

AKAR A4 Management File VC1807 (12pcs/set)

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A3 size Transparent Button File / Double-button Envelope Folder

A4 3D Lenticular Button File

A4 3D Lenticular Button File

A4 3D Lenticular Button File

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Magnificent O-Ring File

Blacken A3 Refillable Clear Book (Horizontal)

Akar 2D PP RING FILE 40 mm - Black & White

Akar 2D PP RING FILE 25 mm - Black & White

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A4 Akar 30 holes Clear Holder Refill (10'S / pck)

AKAR A3 Horizontal Sheet Protector (10'S / pack)

Akar A4 Size Rigid Sheet (100 sheets)

AKAR A3 Super Thick Sheet Protector (10's/pack) VC400

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Magnificent Spring & Clip File

Magnificent Spring File

Blacken A4 Size Spring File VC11038

A4 Size Spring File (1 pc)

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