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Namecard holder case

Card Holder with Button 10 pocket (1 pc)

PU ID Card Holder / ID Holder VC806

Glue Gun 20W (110v-220v)

RM 18.00Out of StockRM 3.00Add to CartRM 2.50Add to CartRM 2.90Add to Cart

Glue Gun, Hot Melt Glue Gun 40W -1pc-

Small Tape Dispenser (014)

Tape Dispenser medium size

Tape Dispenser medium size

RM 5.00Add to CartRM 3.50Out of StockRM 5.00Out of StockRM 4.50Out of Stock

Tape cutter for 48mm width OPP9200

Cutter large cutter blade CU-F120B

Correction Tape 5mm Tape width x 8M -1pc- DMS-500

Papermate 7ml correction fluid

RM 2.90Add to CartRM 2.50Out of StockRM 1.50Add to CartRM 5.50Add to Cart

24 Slot Punch Card Holder-1pcs- H9925

50 Slot Punch Card Holder -1 pc-

Wooden Standard Size Abacus

Plastic Abacus 13 Digits UA-1314

RM 18.00Add to CartRM 33.00Add to CartRM 6.95Add to CartRM 6.50Out of Stock

16mm 2 O-Ring (10 pcs/lot)

Bulldog Clip 7 inch 5 pcs

Bulldog Clip 3 inch 20pcs

metal badge clip (10 pcs/pck)

RM 7.00Add to CartRM 7.50Out of StockRM 16.00Add to CartRM 2.00Add to Cart

Binder clips 19mm/double clip (12pcs/box)

Binder clips 32mm/double clip (12pcs/box)

Metal Spring clip, Metal paper fastener (12pcs/pck)

Binder clips 41 mm/double clip (12 pcs/box)

RM 1.10Add to CartRM 1.90Add to CartRM 12.95Add to CartRM 3.60Add to Cart
97 - 120 of 273
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